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Quaint boutique hotels

With Wanderlust surging high among everyone, the hospitality industry is on an all time high. Restaurants popping up every day, the hotels are also not far behind. Using innovative techniques, new and fresh experiences, delectable food or great deals, every hotel strives to offer something different to attract tourists. Boutique Hotels are one of those age-old concepts, which are unique and an amazing alternative to a regular hotel, for the travelers who want to indulge in the truly local experience! Today, we embark on a journey around some of the World’s most quaint and gorgeous boutique hotels, to incite some wanderlust within!

What makes a Boutique Hotel different to a normal hotel? Well, Boutique usually signifies a small, sophisticated and fashionable business or establishment and hence Boutique Hotels are simply that – a smaller more stylish hotel, sometimes thematic, usually located in a fashionable location in the city. Boutique hotels offer more intimate environments, with private and public spaces, with more artistic and design oriented vibe.

2 bambu idah, ubud

Bambu Idah – Ubud
3 Shoeless Azulik hotel, Tulum

Shoeless Azulik Hotel – Tulum
25 hours hotel berlin
25 Hours Hotel – Berlin
Ateliers de Montmartre, Paris

Ateliers de Montmartre – Paris

Eco Hostel – Granada

Eremito Umbria – Italy

Torel Boutique Hotel – Italy (One Suite)

Torel Boutique Hotel – Italy (One Suite)

Torel Boutique Hotel – Italy (One Suite)
Fazenda-Nova-Country-House-Algarve, Portugal

Fazenda Nova Country House – Algarve, Portugal
Lasenta Boutique Hotel, Hoi An - Vietnam

Lasenta Boutique Hotel – Hoi An, Vietnam
Palais Namaskar, Morocco 2

Palais Namaskar, Morocco
Palais Namaskar, Morocco

Palais Namaskar, Morocco
trunk, tokyo

Trunk Boutique Hotel – Tokyo

Val d Orcia Suites – Tuscany


1. Intimate

To cater to guests exclusively and to provide the most personal experience to travelers, boutique hotels have very intimate settings and fewer rooms. Some spectacular boutique hotels have less than 30 rooms, compared to mainstream hotels which have upto 200 keys!

2. Unique

People chose Boutique hotels for something different. Thus, they are usually unique in terms of the design and character. Boutique hotels are charming because they are inspired by the vibe of the city, and try to showcase the inherent qualities of the city. Scenic views, specialty services, amazing food and most importantly quirky yet suitable thematic designs set boutique hotels apart. A few boutique hotels take exclusivity so seriously, that every suite in the hotel is uniquely designed. In this way, they ensure repeat customers who loved the service, and want to experience another style of living next time they visit!

3. Design Oriented

Boutique hotels pride themselves at creating soothing exclusive environments and ambiance which is one of a kind. They usually combine interesting architecture, artistic furnishings, as well as playing through decors to create a character. What is common in all boutique hotels is that they are sophisticated, stylish and contemporary chic. 

If this article gave you a serious case of Wanderlust, pack your bags and go experience the best Boutique Hotels in the World! 

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